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For over a decade, has helped flexible spending account (FSA) users find responsible ways to spend their FSA dollars to manage everyday health conditions or respond to whatever life throws their way. Today, the company released its annual list of top products, based on website traffic and online sales in an effort to help account holders benefit from remaining FSA funds before the December 31, use-it-or-lose-it deadline.

“The fact that 2020 has been anything but a typical year can be seen in how consumers are spending their FSA funds,” said Preston Farrington, CEO of Health-E Commerce, the parent brand of “With access to clinical services and elective procedures limited, customers tell us they have more money left to spend than in previous years, and they are spending it in different ways, including the consumer products offered on our site.”

In fact, according to customer surveys, more than 50% of FSA users have more money to spend this December than they did in 2019. This is due largely to limitations on scheduling doctor appointments or elective procedures, which are big ticket items for yearly health spending. For many account holders, the health benefits plan year ends on December 31; however, consumers should check with their employer or benefits administrator to confirm deadlines.

To extend a helping hand and provide much needed shopping inspiration to FSA users, has released its annual list of the Top 10 most popular FSA eligible products, which includes:

1. MyLab Box At-Home COVID-19 Detection Test The MyLab Box At-Home COVID-19 Detection Test uses saliva sampling for a quick, non-invasive testing method and a prepaid shipping box that will send results to a lab for results. If a test comes back positive, users can plan next steps with a free physician consultation.

2. Sejoy Infrared Forehead Thermometer The COVID-19 health crisis has only further increased the importance of home health, diagnostics and home health care. Many American families are choosing to upgrade their at-home health monitoring devices, such as thermometers. One of the top sellers in this category is the Sejoy Thermometer, which uses infrared technology to deliver quick, touchless readings in 3 seconds, as well as memory storage to capture the past 10 readings.

3. Welly Bandages Replenishing first-aid supplies is a smart tactic for FSA deadline shoppers, and when it comes to bandages, Welly is a great choice. Welly premium bandages come in a variety of fun and engaging colors and styles to help turn boo-boos into badges of bravery.

4. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen Sick of sunscreen that leaves blotchy marks behind? Go with a weightless, scentless sun protection that goes on clear with Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen. With broad spectrum protection and active ingredients that even protect against blue light from smartphones and other devices, shoppers appreciate the full spectrum approach to this sunscreen.

5. Caring Mill Pulse Oximeter Alongside thermometers, oximeters were among the most popular hi-tech health devices of 2020. These devices clip onto a finger and measure the oxygen levels in the user’s blood to help identify a key vital sign that could be the sign of an underlying health condition. shoppers can now purchase an oximeter from our private label line of healthcare products, Caring Mill. Each sale of a Caring Mill product supports the nonprofit Children's Health Fund, which is committed to providing healthcare to underserved youth populations throughout the United States.

6. Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets An over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever may not seem too exciting, but it's actually a pivotal part of a larger story. OTC medicines became fully eligible in 2020, thanks to the passage of the CARES Act, so everything from pain relievers to allergy medicine to acne treatments can now be purchased with FSA funds, without requiring a prescription. Tylenol is a welcoming addition to FSA users’ medicine cabinets due to its ability to tackle aches and pains and help reduce fevers.

7. Bug Bite Thing The Bug Bite Thing has been one of the most popular anti-itch treatments of 2020. The Bug Bite Thing is a drug-free approach that utilizes suction to remove insect venom and stingers to help alleviate itchiness and pain from insect bites.

8. Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Healing Lotion With OTC medicines now being fully FSA eligible, many products that treat skin conditions are also available. One of the runaway successes of 2020 was Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Healing Lotion, which has been supremely popular with shoppers. From dry skin conditions to psoriasis to eczema, this lotion is a smart buy that can provide soothing relief.

9. Rael Heating Patch In addition to OTC medicines, menstrual care products like tampons, pads, period underwear, menstrual cups, and more are now FSA eligible. One OTC item that’s also a menstrual care product and a top seller is the Rael Heating Patch, which uses natural, herbal therapy in an instant patch that warms up as soon as it's applied to the abdomen. This promotes increased blood flow and helps muscles relax to alleviate pain.

10. dpl IIa Professional Acne Treatment Light Therapy As OTC acne treatments have gained interest among consumers, light therapy also continues to be a popular drug-free treatment method for acne among FSA users. The dpl IIa Professional Acne Treatment Light Therapy provides medical-grade infrared (IR) therapy with the largest possible treatment area of any light therapy product available at Utilizing powerful IR lights, this device eliminates bacteria on the skin to help reduce breakouts.

There are thousands of ways to spend down FSA funds before the December 31 deadline, so make a plan, visit, and start early to avoid forfeiting those hard-earned healthcare dollars.

About Health-E Commerce Health-E Commerce is the parent brand of,, and, a family of brands serving the 70+ million consumers with tax-free health and wellness accounts. Since 2010, Health-E Commerce's brand portfolio has led the direct-to-consumer e-commerce market for tax-free health and wellness benefits and helped partners and everyday Americans benefit better through its 100% eligible product selection and easy-to-understand educational resources. Health-E Commerce plays an essential role in consumer advocacy in the tax-free health space through both advocating for eligibility of important new categories within the IRS-approved list of eligible medical expenses and leading a committee of industry experts to promote the important national conversation around product safety and authenticity.


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