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Our Brands

FSA Store launched in 2010 to help consumers understand, manage, and use their benefits. Over $500 million dollars in FSA funds get forfeited each year by hard-working employees - so we set out to simplify the flexible spending account market and take out the guesswork that comes with these accounts. was the first e-commerce site for 100% FSA-eligible products and today has more than 6,000 eligible products, educational content, and the most comprehensive eligibility list.

HSA Store

Our mission to solve the issues affecting consumer healthcare continued in 2015 with the launch of, a companion website to geared to serve the tens of millions of health savings account users nationwide. With easy-to-understand educational resources and a wide selection of guaranteed HSA-eligible products, is designed to maximize consumers’ long-term health savings and help HSA funds go further by covering everyday healthcare expenses.

WellDeserved Health

In early 2019, our company enjoyed another major milestone with the launch of, the first e-commerce site dedicated to making shopping with wellness rewards easier. More Americans than ever are now participating in workplace wellness and incentive programs, and WellDeserved Health gives them new avenues to connect with convenient places to spend their wellness rewards.

Caring Mill

In 2017, the company achieved another major milestone with the launch of its private label line of health and wellness products, Caring Mill. With every sale of a Caring Mill product, a donation is made to Children's Health Fund, a national non-profit organization devoted to providing healthcare to underserved children throughout the U.S. For the first time through this innovative partnership, Americans can make a qualified purchase with their pre-tax dollars that also supports a charitable cause.

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