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Health-E Commerce Media Coverage

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Below is a listing of media coverage for the full family of Health-E Commerce brands, including,, and Caring Mill.


Dec 28, 2020

Have unused FSA or HSA dollars? Here’s where you can spend it online so it doesn’t go to waste (She Knows)

Dec 28, 2020

How to save more money in 2021 (Today Show)

Dec 23, 2020

PSA: You can use your FSA money to buy at-home coronavirus tests (

Dec 22, 2020

33 genius ways to spend your FSA dollars before they expire (CNN Underscored)

Dec 18, 2020

Here’s how to spend your FSA money before the end of the year (Today Show)

Dec 17, 2020

10 smart ways to spend your FSA money before the year-end deadline (Women’s Health)

Dec 17, 2020

How does an FSA work? (The Wall Street Journal)

Dec 17, 2020

Smart ways to spend your healthcare FSA money in 2020 (Go Banking Rates)

Dec 15, 2020

15 surprising things you can buy with your leftover FSA dollars (CNBC)

Dec 11, 2020

Still have money in your flex spending account? Here’s how you can spend it down (CNBC)

Dec 9, 2020

Use your FSA funds ASAP, because they’re (probably) about to expire (

Dec 2, 2020

9 items you’d never guess you could buy with an FSA card (Hello Giggles)

Nov 25, 2020

You only have a few weeks to spend down this health-care fund. Meanwhile, savers forfeit about $400 million annually in unspent FSAs (CNBC)

Nov 23, 2020

A gift guide for employees (SHRM)

Nov 12, 2020

COVID-19 makes FSA contribution decisions trickier (The Wall Street Journal)

Nov 4, 2020 5 tips to help employees make sense of FSA/HSA changes during open enrollment (HR Daily Advisor) Oct 30, 2020 Reasons to sign up for a health savings account (New York Times) Oct 30, 2020 15 money moves to make now to prepare for 2021 (Kiplinger) Oct 16, 2020 FSA vs. HSA - What's the difference and how to choose (Bankrate) Oct 6, 2020 3 tips to help employees understand FSA/HSA changes during open enrollment (BenefitsPro) Sept 24, 2020 VIDEO: How to change your FSA contribution now (The Today Show) Sept 7, 2020 Education could be so much valuable in building brand loyalty than sales and promo codes ( June 29, 2020 Health accounts received a boost from the CARES Act: Here's how to take advantage of it (Forbes) June 26, 2020 New rules for medical and dependent care FSAs (U.S. News and World Report) May 20, 2020 There are ways for FSA holders to make use of their accounts (PlanSponsor) May 19, 2020 What the passage of the CARES Act means for FSA and HSA clients (ThinkAdvisor) May 5, 2020 3 steps to greater FSA/HSA participation (BenefitsPro) Apr 28, 2020 12 essential items you can buy from the FSA store durng the pandemic (USA Today) Apr 23, 2020 You can now use your FSA or HSA funds for over-the-counter medications and feminine care products (CNBC) Apr 7, 2020 Here's what you might want to have on-hand in the event you get sick (Buzzfeed News) Apr 7, 2020 Here's exactly what you need to do if you lose your job (CNBC) Mar 30, 2020 Here's what HuffPost Readers Couldn't Get Enough of in March (Huffington Post) Mar 26, 2020 15 Money-Smart Ways to Spend Your Coronavirus Quarantine Time (Kiplinger) Mar 25, 2020 These 7 Shopping Sites are Great Amazon Alternatives for Essentials (Fast Company) Mar 11, 2020 11 clever ways to spend your FSA money before you lose it (USA Today) Mar 10, 2020 Stocking up on thermometers, first-aid kits and hand sanitizer? You may be able to use your flexible spending account (MarketWatch) Mar 3, 2020 Here's how to spend your FSA money in 2020 (Huffington Post) Feb 27, 2020 You're about to lose the cash in this tax-advantaged account (CNBC) Feb 24, 2020 FSA spending deadline approaches (Financial Advisor)

2019 Dec 23, 2019 FSA debit cards vs. Bank debit cards: When to use each (Nerdwallet) Dec 18, 2019 Workers are losing as much as $400 million in this tax-advantaged account (CNBC) Dec 16, 2019 25 genius ways to spend your FSA dollars before they expire (CNN) Dec 16, 2019 Have a flex spending account? Here are 26 surprising things it may pay for (The Penny Hoarder) Dec 12, 2019 Have an FSA? Use it before you lose it (Gear Junkie) Dec 11, 2019 How you can use up your flexible spending account dollars before the end of the year (USA Today) Dec 11, 2019 Our month-by-month guide to having your best financial year ever (Real Simple) Dec 10, 2019 You can now buy 23andMe genetic tests and gluten sensors with FSA money (MarketWatch) Dec 5, 2019 If you didn't use all your flex spending, try these surprising purchases that actually qualify for pre-tax savings (CNBC) Nov 27, 2019 14 unexpected things you can buy with your FSA (CNET) Nov 27, 2019 Microwavable stuffed animals, a Himalayan salt inhaler, and more things you can buy with end-of-year FSA dollars (CNBC + Acorns) Nov 26, 2019 Your financial planning calendar for 2020 (Kiplinger) Nov 14, 2019 Year-end financial checklist to prevent tax penalties and missed planning opportunities (Kiplinger) Oct 29, 2019 27 money moves to make now to prepare for 2020 (Kiplinger) Oct 21, 2019 Flexible spending accounts, decoded (Real Simple) Oct 3, 2019 What you should know about open enrollment (Kiplinger)

Sep 13, 2019 5 things employees need to know about FSAs for open enrollment (BenefitsPro) Best Online Shops 2020 (Newsweek)

Aug 13, 2019 Curious about Joovv? Get the lowdown on red-light therapy first (CNET)

Jun 2, 2019 14 unexpected things you can buy with your FSA (CNET)

Apr 25, 2019 Man’s Emotional Post About Bandage That Matches His Skin Tone Goes Viral (Huffington Post)

Mar 15, 2019 Why consumer-directed healthcare communication is more important than ever (HR Daily Advisor)

Mar 14, 2019 Everything you can spend your FSA money on - from sunscreen to contact solution (The Daily Beast)

Mar 14, 2019 Ways to spend your flexible spending account money before March 15 (Kiplinger)

Mar 7, 2019 11 pain relief devices you can buy with your FSA money (Mental Floss)

Mar 5, 2019 Your cash in this tax-advantaged account is going, going, gone (CNBC)

Feb 18, 2019 A healthcare web merchant has a new name and a new big investor (Digital Commerce 360)

Jan 29, 2019 Consumer watch: More ways to limit expenses in the new year (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

Jan 23, 2019 Health-E Commerce CEO on FSA and HSA opportunities (Chief Executive)


Dec 27, 2018 Discount Diva: My FSA dollars cover WHAT?" (The Buffalo News)

Dec 26, 2018 15 useful health products so your FSA dollars don't go to waste (CNN Underscored)

Dec 26, 2018 It's time to spend your flexible spending account money (Consumer Reports)

Dec 24, 2018 Why Santa plans to leave ice packs, bandages and a defibrillator in your stocking. (The Wall Street Journal)

Dec 18, 2018 Healthcare E-Commerce Report (Digital E-Commerce 360)

Dec 15, 2018 FSA dollars are about to expire. Here are the best ways to spend them now (NBC News Better)

Dec 14, 2018 New Rules for your Flexible Spending Account (CNBC)

Dec 12, 2018 Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program Helps Acquire 1 million Subscribers for its Awards Program (PRWeb)

Dec 11, 2018 10 simple tips to help get your money in order for 2019 (Refinery29)

Dec 5, 2018 You may have hundreds, even thousands in your FSA - here are 6 smart ways to spend that money before it disappears (CNBC)

Dec 3, 2018 Still have money in your Flexible Spending Account? Visit the FSA online store (Digital Trends)

Nov 28, 2018 Here's how to use your FSA dollars before you lose them - and get a discount on supplies you need to buy anyway (Business Insider)

Nov 21, 2018 30 Ways to spend the remaining money in your flexible spending account (Marketwatch)

Nov 11, 2018 Money Moves to Make Now (Kiplinger)

Nov 9, 2018 How to use FSAs, HSAs and HRAs to Cut Your Healthcare Costs (Consumer Reports)

Nov 9, 2018 24 Health Insurance Terms Explained in Plain English (Tonic (Vice News))

Oct 16, 2018 Open Enrollment 2019: Everything You Need to Know (Nasdaq)

Sep 26, 2018 Lessons On Delivery From New Healthcare Marketers (MediaPost)

Jun 8, 2018 What's the best combination of spending/saving with an HSA? (BenefitsPro)

May 30, 2018 Healthcare is good medicine for these web merchants (Digital Commerce 360)

Mar 7, 2018 Here's how to use your FSA dollars before you lose them (Business Insider)

Mar 7, 2018 Your March Financial To-Do List (Lifehacker)

Mar 1, 2018 Your March Financial To-Do List (Consumer Reports)

Feb 13, 2018 Warning: You could lose money in your flexible spending account (CNBC)

Jan 31, 2018 iHear Medical Announces FSA Eligibility for the First and Only FDA-Cleared Home Hearing Screener (PRWeb)

2017 Dec 29, 2017 It's use it or lose it time for flexible spending accounts (CNBC)

Dec 28, 2017 It's Time to Spend Your Flexible Spending Account Money (Consumer Reports)

Dec 28, 2017 What to tell workers about FSAs before the end of the year (Employee Benefit News)

Dec 26, 2017 Don't let your flexible spending account money vanish (CBS Moneywatch)

Dec 22, 2017 Smart Ways to Use Up Your Flexible Spending Account (NY Metro Parents)

Dec 22, 2017 25 Things to Spend Your Leftover FSA Money On (Buzzfeed)

Dec 22, 2017 Smart Ways to Spend Down Your Flexible Spending Account (Kiplinger)

Dec 14, 2017 Have Leftover FSA Funds? Consider These High Tech Products (SHRM)

Dec 5, 2017 How FSAstore's Consumer Education Specialist Ijeoma Iruke Makes Health A Priority (Forbes)

Nov 20, 2017 It's time to use - or lose - your 2017 FSA money (CBS Moneywatch)

Nov 16, 2017 Q&A: End of Year FSA Accounts May Induce Trial Across OTC aisles (Drug Store News)

Nov 13, 2017 Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies in North America on Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 500™ for the 2nd Year Running (

Nov 1, 2017 Oska Pulse Wearable Pain Relief Device Now Available at and (PR Newswire)

Oct 24, 2017 How to Choose the Right Amount for Your FSA in 2018 (NerdWallet)

Oct 23, 2017 2018 FSA Contribution Cap Rises to $2,650 (HR Magazine)

Oct 23, 2017 8 Money Moves You Can Make When We Turn the Clocks Back for Fall (Wisebread)

Oct 18, 2017 partners with Alegeus to simplify healthcare and improve health spending outcomes for people with flexible spending accounts & health savings accounts (HR Dive)

Sep 28, 2017 Introducing Crain's 100 Best Places to Work in New York City in 2017 (Crain's New York)

Aug 31, 2017 7 things all employees should know about Open Enrollment (BenefitsPro)

Aug 22, 2017 Using Flexible Spending Account Dollars at the Drug Store (Kiplinger)

Jul 7, 2017 The Best Health Savings Accounts for Spending or Investing (New York Times)

Jun 20, 2017 Sunscreen, glasses and more with FSA funds (Chicago Tribune)

May 19, 2017 Niche web retailers set their sights on digital healthcare (Digital Commerce 360)

May 5, 2017 What the AHCA Could Mean for the OTC Business (Drug Store News)

Mar 10, 2017 Creative ways to use up your FSA money - before it goes away! (New York Daily News)

Mar 6, 2017 ECFC Makes New Board Appointments to Meet Changing Healthcare Environment (Business Wire)

Mar 1, 2017 Your March Financial To-Do List (Consumer Reports)

Feb 26, 2017 Infographic] FSAs & HSAs: When Shopping is the Best Medicine (ValueWalk)

Feb 6, 2017 8 Things You Didn't Realize Were In Obamacare (MarketWatch)


Dec 27, 2016 Time to Spend Your Flexible Spending Account Money (

Dec 15, 2016 FSA: Use it, don't lose it (The Gazette (Iowa))

Dec 14, 2016 5 Year-End Money Moves(

Dec 14, 2016 Use it or lose it: Upcoming new year means limited time to use FSA Dollars (ABC Local News 8 (Idaho))

Dec 12, 2016 Getting the Most Out of Your FSA Funds (ABC13 Houston)

Dec 9, 2016 Last-Minute Ways to Spend Down Your Flexible Spending Account (

Dec 7, 2016 Still Have a Health-Account Balance? Time for That 11th-Hour Eye Exam (

Nov 11, 2016 How Can I Afford Mental Health Care? (New York Mag)

Nov 7, 2016 Don't Waste Money: How to Spend Your FSA Money Before It's Gone (

Nov 1, 2016 5 benefits solutions from partnerships in enrollment, data analytics, and more (BenefitsPro)

Oct 10, 2016 10 smart money moves to make that take 10 minutes (NerdWallet/USA Today)

Oct 5, 2016 Eight Important Spending Account Reminders for Open Enrollment (

Sep 28, 2016 Crain's unveils the 100 Best Places to Work in New York City in 2016 (Crain's New York Business)

Sep 27, 2016 5 Ways to Save on Prescriptions (

Sep 25, 2016 How FSAs and HSAs Ease the Pain of Healthcare Costs (

Sep 12, 2016 WEX Health Introduces Everything Open Enrollment Center (WexHealth)

Jul 6, 2016 Studies Show Fertility Dietary Supplement Supports Reproductive Health (Yahoo Finance)

Jun 29, 2016 A new news site launches to cover the $32 billion internet healthcare market (

Mar 11, 2016 Have money left in your flexible spending account? The clock is ticking! (

Mar 11, 2016 A Flexible Spending Account Deadline May Be Near (

Mar 9, 2016 5 ways to help employees maximize FSA dollars (EBN)

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