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Medicine Cabinet Refresh: 8 Ways to Update a Home Medicine Cabinet with an FSA or HSA

FSA Store® and HSA Store® offer more than 2,500 products that are guaranteed eligible with tax-free healthcare funds to support and protect consumer health at home

DALLAS (May 30, 2024) –  Good health starts at home, and maintaining an up-to-date medicine cabinet is an essential step to treating life’s minor aches, pains, and ailments before they turn into something bigger. But what many consumers don’t realize is that these products all have a shelf life and need to be replaced and updated regularly. For example, the average shelf life for a first-aid kit is three to five years, and over-the-counter pain relievers and cold medicines begin to lose their potency after their expiration date. That’s why Health-E Commerce®, parent brand to FSA Store and HSA Store, is reminding consumers of the following eight medicine cabinet essentials that can be purchased with flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) funds. 

  1. Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relief: Whether it’s a minor headache or muscle pain from a day working in the yard, every medicine cabinet needs OTC medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen to help relieve life’s little aches and pains.  

  2. Sunscreen and lip balms: It’s a fine line between maintaining a healthy glow and damaging your skin. Use FSA and HSA funds to purchase sunscreens and lip balms that are broad spectrum and contain an SPF of 15 or more. Want to shake up that summer sun care routine? Try this newly eligible Vacation Classic Whip Sunscreen Mousse.

Vacation Classic Whip Sunscreen SPF 30
  1. Treatment for insect bites: Not only are bug bites painful and irritating, but insects are responsible for vector-borne illnesses that can cause serious health conditions. Use tax-free funds to purchase medicines that relieve pain and itching, as well as devices like the Bug Bite Thing that extract insect saliva/venom and the heat it®️ Insect Bite Healer that use soothing heat to relieve pain and discomfort.

  2. First-Aid kits: Summer fun often comes with cuts and scrapes that can be effectively treated with a home medical kit. FSA Store and HSA Store carry a wide selection of first-aid kits, like the Adventure Medical Sportsman 400 First Aid Kit, the Caring Mill Happy Camper Backcountry First Aid Kit, a Sports First Aid Kit, and more.  

  3. Allergy relief: Summer allergies can be more than a minor inconvenience, but tax-free FSA and HSA funds can be used to purchase OTC medicines that alleviate scratchy eyes and throat, and runny nose during summer allergy season.

  4. Minor burn remedy: A home medicine cabinet is not complete without FSA- and HSA-eligible OTC medicines to relieve the pain from minor burns and to prevent infection.

  5. Digestive aids: Summer travel and social gatherings often come with foods that may be too rich, too spicy, or that can trigger digestive discomfort. Use tax-free healthcare funds to purchase products that relieve heartburn and bloating and that promote digestive health, as well as select products that help replenish essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and water. 

  6. Diagnostic devices: A cold or the flu can hit at any time of year, and diagnostic devices like a digital thermometer or ear scope can help assess symptoms and determine the best path to treatment. 

To learn more about eligibility or to shop for summer health products by brand or health condition, visit or


Maintaining an up-to-date medicine cabinet is an important step to treating minor aches, pains, and ailments. But what many people don’t realize is that medications – and even products like band aids – can lose their potency or effectiveness over time. Fortunately, these items may be qualified expenses for flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs). That means you could use tax-free healthcare funds to replenish and update your home medicine cabinet. Read this recent news release from FSA Store and HSA Store about eight medicine cabinet essentials that can be purchased with FSA and HSA funds.


About Health-E Commerce

Health-E Commerce is the parent brand to FSA Store and HSA Store, online stores that serve the 70+ million consumers enrolled in pre-tax health and wellness accounts. The company also created Caring Mill™, a popular private-label line of health products through which a portion of every purchase is donated to the Children’s Health Fund. Since 2010, the Health-E Commerce brands have led the direct-to-consumer e-commerce market for exclusively pre-tax health and wellness benefits. Health-E Commerce plays an essential role in expanding product eligibility for important new categories within the list of eligible medical expenses.


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