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We believe companies that sell IRS-qualified health products have an obligation to ensure their authenticity to the American families who rely on them.

At Health-E Commerce we exclusively distribute up-to-date, responsibly sourced and safe-to-use products. But with the rise of online marketplaces, buying safe, authentic health products is no longer guaranteed. It’s hard to ensure proper storage, product sourcing or packaging when working through third parties, where strict adherence to company standards and practices is not required. There are no guarantees that the merchandise is not expired, spoiled, counterfeit or even stolen. The absence of these standards can be potentially dangerous to the health of customers, who may have unknowingly received and been using inauthentic products or cheap imitations to treat a health condition.

The Health-E Commerce Guidelines

Health-E Commerce pledges to maintain our commitment to tax-free health care consumers, creating the following Health-E Commerce Guidelines. The Health-E Guidelines represent an industry-first effort to put pro-consumer initiatives into practice so they can inform the larger health and wellness industry and better serve the 60+ million plus tax-advantaged health care users nationwide.


To operate responsibly in the tax-free health benefits space, Health-E Commerce recommends that brands or manufacturers who market products to these consumers should uphold the following business practices:


We are committed to selling eligible health and wellness products in a manner that adheres to the IRS’ definition of qualified health expenses. Health-E Commerce brands are dedicated to advancing safe and reliable means for consumers to purchase qualifying health and wellness products with their tax-free dollars.


Health-E Commerce always sources products directly from manufacturers to ensure customers receive safe, effective, authentic health products to support their overall wellness and the well-being of their families. We never work with third-party resellers to guarantee the products we sell are up-to-date, responsibly sourced and safe to use.


Health-E Commerce knows how vital tax-free health care accounts are for working families. We support the continued expansion of these accounts to improve health outcomes and prevention via products and services eligible with pre-tax health care dollars.


Compliance with industry regulations is built into every facet of what it means to be a Health-E Commerce brand. By guaranteeing proper benefit card payment processing, maintaining accurate on-site information, correct product classification, and clear, accurate marketing language, brands that receive the Health-E Commerce brand designation help consumers avoid common tax-free health care pitfalls and make these benefits an integral part of their health and financial wellness.


Health-E Commerce brand customers are not left alone to navigate the complex world of tax-free health care. Health-E Commerce brands are backed by 24/7 FSA-certified customer support and the web’s most comprehensive selection of FSA/HSA tools and educational resources to help individuals and families learn how to benefit better from their benefits.

Introducing the Health-E Committee

The Health-E Committee is an advisory council of industry leaders including Brownmed, KT Tape, Tender Corporation, and MD SolarSciences Corp. The Committee will collaborate with the Consumer Health Products Association (CHPA) to help advance issues that matter to both manufacturers and everyday consumers.

The committee includes:

Cindy Chadwick


Cindy Chadwick is Vice President of Sales at Brownmed, Inc., an innovative medical device manufacturing company which provides solutions to multi-channel markets. Cindy leads a dynamic sales team and a customer service team with a strong love of customers. With more than 20 years of leadership experience and success growing businesses across different business segments and markets, Cindy has found great success at Brownmed as part of the strategic leadership team that truly has a passion for improving patients’ lives. 


Cindy is an energetic sports enthusiast, and believes growing business is the ultimate sporting event.  Real growth is the result of a strong passion for customers combined with innovative and quality products. She is excited by the challenge to do what others believe to be impossible.

Jason Cartwright

Tender Corporation

Jason Cartwright joined Tender Corporation in 1997, after a 15-year career in the tech industry and purchased the company in 2000 after growing the top bite treatments in North America, After Bite, Ben’s Tick & Insect Repellent and Natrapel, into 13 different brands. In 2003, Jason led Tender Corporation to acquire Adventure Medical Kits which has grown to be the number one first aid brand in the outdoor industry. An avid outdoorsman, Jason pursues an active lifestyle consisting of hiking, camping, fishing, and traveling around the world enjoying life and all it has to offer.