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Medicare Advantage OTC Supplemental Benefits, simplified.

Offering a customized ecommerce and catalog solution that gives millions of Medicare eligible participants the ability to easily shop for eligible products covered by their Medicare Advantage plans’ supplemental OTC benefits.

Why partner with Medicare OTC Store?


Ease of Ordering

Phone, Mail order, and online options


Robust Product Catalog

Offer hundreds of products from top brands


Top Rated Service

24/7/365 best-in-class customer support


Simplified Experience

Content created to educate and support


I am so thankful to find one place that knows which items are eligible and approved because so many stores have NO clue. It was easy to find the items I need and want. I was even surprised at some of the items that are eligible.


HSA Store Customer 

After more than a decade of helping consumers understand, manage and use their benefits, Health-E Commerce is building a new health spending model for Medicare Advantage users that’s easy, reliable, and requires zero guesswork. For millions of American seniors, it’s finally time to “benefit better.”

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